LEADLiberia Update - Keeping Hope Alive!


Thanks for praying for us and the ministry in Liberia. Despite the challenges God has been gracious through it all. Our year has been a mixture of great events and struggles a like. However, we are still able to keep hope alive.

Ministry has been great. We have continued to travel visiting our networks and holding key training and mentoring relationships. We continue to encourage sustainable initiatives by our networks and some them are working together on these sustainable ventures. Our servant leadership emphasis keeps drawing churches to invite us to train their leaders. Small group meetings are yielding much results then our normal large gatherings.  I am giving a lot of time to small group meetings and mentoring and coaching of emerging leaders as way of being intentional about building the next generation of leaders.

Our mobility was greatly enhanced when the Lord provided us a brand new Landcruiser truck in 2016. It is indeed the best vehicle for our terrain. However, after three years of running we are needing major repairs. That is the only vehicle I have now that I use for ministry, family and farm.

Our farm activities have been quite a challenge, but we have made significant strides in our sustainable ventures. Our animal husbandry program suffered setbacks when our bull got bitten by snake and goats (6) died. However, we are still rebuilding our animal stuck. Our pigs are doing well. We started with a pair two years ago and we now have 30 pigs. The goal of our animal project is to be able to give animals to families willing to raise them as a way of empowering them. By next year we will identify potential beneficiaries for the pigs. We are working on fencing for our goats and local chicken breeding. We still have challenges with our fencing because of a lot of termites on the property. It is making fencing very expensive to undertake. However, we are hoping to achieve this as God makes provision. 

We are thankful for people who are holding the rope as we serve the Lord on the front line without which life could literally be unbearable. It is the fervent prayer that keeps making the difference here.

Please continue to pray for family health, housing and the two special need children we’ve taken in.