Since 2001, LEADLiberia has reached over 6,650 Christian pastors with training to better equip them for their ministry.


"As a beneficiary of formal training, it is my passion to purposely engage and empower the many gifted, but untrained pastors from Liberia and surrounding West African regions. Our approach to leadership training has proven highly successful with positive impact on our ministry delivery efforts. In addition, through our conferences, we encourage pastoral networking for support and ministry synergy.

In Liberia, there are many significant challenges ranging from poverty, to conflict, to injustice. Poor leadership may be the greatest challenge of all.

My main goal is to help pastors develop, sustain, and grow healthy church communities that will stand the test of time."  —  Kokeh S. Kotee

LEAD in action.

LEAD Training.

LEADLiberia offers a thoughtful leadership development and training experience based solely on upon the servant leadership example of our Lord Jesus Christ.

LEAD Conferences.

LEAD Conferences.

Learn more about our conferences for equipping ministry leaders to make significant progress towards fulfilling God's purpose in their life, in their ministry, and in their Liberian communities they serve.