Leadership Lesson 1 - The Credit and the Glory are HIS


As a leader you always take the blame for things not done or when you fail to make decisions at the spur of a moment, but folks take the credit for success even without making any reference to you.

You always have to keep your head up and know that the one you are following went thru the same. Do not worry about who gets the credit, because at the end of time the only flag that will fly is the flag of Jesus Christ — King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

At that time we will all, great and small, die to our names and all our trophies surender at His feet. Oh what a day that will be! Sola Gloria"(His glory alone), "Sola Christo" (Christ alone)!


A Rallying Call to Invest in Agriculture


I encountered some Liberians today and the point of our discussion was the need to intentionally invest in agriculture. Our economy could skyrocket if we did that.

While it is true that we need good roads we cannot make road construction a priority over growing what we eat and eat what we grow. This is in no way intended to discredit government agenda but I sincerely believe agriculture could provide thousands of jobs for our youths and other Liberians.

If we were to invest a billion dollars into agriculture we could turn our nation's economy around in at least 12 years. I think this a non political rallying call to utilize the soil to restore our nation from ruins to riches.


New LEADLiberia Website Launched

We’re pleased to announce that our new and refreshed website is now live.

The updated LEADLiberia site includes changes to navigation, with drop-down menus for both mobile and desktop platforms. We’ve also simplified the structure and presentation of our content, so our valued visitors get more from a quick read as we respect the time they give us. Additionally, there is a host of smaller but impactful changes, all to make your experience with the LEADLiberia site more meaningful.

When we started this project, we had a lot of ideas, but the main thing was to make it clear that in 2018, Sustainability Training (SEED) and Ministry Training (LEAD) are at the heart of who we are and what we do. On a number of webpages, we have included a variety of photo galleries to provide more insight into what we’ve been doing and why SEED to LEAD is so important in Liberia and West Africa today.  We are extremely grateful for all the photo contributors over the years, as each of you have had a unique vantage point and impact on helping LEADLiberia visualize and tell its story.

Providing Ministry Updates over the years has not always been easy or responsive. Leveraging the Blog capabilities of our new website platform, we hope to share more News-worthy information to keep you in touch with our efforts and progress.

We hope you like the changes, and if you have any feedback, please contact us or post a comment on LEADLiberia's Facebook Page. You can also connect with us on our new LEADLiberia LinkedIn Page.

Wishing Blessings to All!