Sustaining ministry continuity in the face of economic hardship is extremely tough, and why it's at the heart of our mission.


Economic hardship is readily seen in the depression, stress, frustration and eroding confidence that Liberians still feel today. 

When it affects the many pastors and church leaders we touch, ministry abandonment often occurs — a result far too common for us to ignore.

Through our holistic ministry approach, we believe step by step seeds will be planted. In the end, with a little help, pastors and their communities will move past paralyzing poverty into a healthy life physically, and most importantly, spiritually.  We want to make that a reality!

SEED Farm Land Clearing

SEED Strategy.

Learn more about the inspiration and plan behind SEED.  We really want our ministry training efforts in Liberia to last and produce the fruit the Lord has in mind. A deliberate focus on sustainability is key.

SEED Farm House Construction

Our SEED Farm.

Take a peek at all the progress going on at our SEED farm. From acquisition, to land clearing, to farm house construction, the results have been amazing — and no less a result of our Lord's hand.