Three things we believe it takes to LEAD.

A passionate mission. A holistic approach. A faith-filled belief.

As it says in 1 Corinthians 12:14 "... the body is not one member, but many," and so it is and so it must be with the team of LEADLiberia.

I will always maintain a team approach to ministry as I did as a basketballer. No one is indispensable to the team. It takes everyone on the team to be a winning team. As in Nehemiah 3:1-32, amazing things can be done when everyone is on the wall. Teamwork builds quality, and in the end, we celebrate not only our collective victory but our collective weaknesses.

When we lead in our strengths, it makes all the world of difference. We will die to our names and the only flag that we can hoist as a team is the flag of Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords! It will fly over our lives, our ministries, and our relationships all for His glory alone!

Sola Gloria!

Kokeh S. Kotee II (Rev)  Executive Director

Kokeh S. Kotee II (Rev)
Executive Director

It takes...

#1 - A Passionate Mission.

Our mission is to systematically develop a strong network of Godly servant leaders thru relevant, contextual and reproducible training and to build healthy churches in every community beginning in Liberia and extending to other West African countries.  From familiar paths to foreign trails, where ever we are lead, we want to reach, teach, and support pastors for Jesus Christ.

#2 - a holistic approach.

  • Reaching: We seek out and support pastors and church leaders (men and women) in every community that they serve.
  • Sharing:  We partner with pastors and church leaders to respond more effectively to the challenges facing today's church through dynamic training opportunities and resources.
  • Teaching:  Through teaching conferences, we utilize the treasures of God's truth as the primary tool to produce servant leaders who can reproduce themselves.
  • Caring:  We provide support through follow-up and life-skills training and empowerment programs to promote self-sustainability.

#3 - a faith-filled belief.

  • We believe the foremost need of all people is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,
  • every person is valued and loved by God and so must be valued and loved by us,
  • the Word of God is the primary tool for developing healthy servant leaders,
  • prayer is requisite to effectiveness and will under-gird all we do,
  • we endeavor to take a balanced approach to ministry where people take priority over programs, and
  • an effective ministry should seek to train and trust people in the exercise of their gifts according to their ministry calling.