Whether gift giving, heavy lifting, or just encouragement, our partners and friends have a powerful impact.

Whatever you wish to achieve in life is great, and you should go for it, but let me also encourage you to do one other thing — do that which will count for God's glory.  This is simply to be intentional in helping others to know God intimately, to love God deeply, and to serve others sacrificially and diligently.  This is what LEAD endeavors to do in partnership with all of you our good friends who pray for us and stand with us in giving your time, money and energy to make this eternal investment.

I hope our website provides meaningful insight into our story and mission. The wonderful photography contributions from our friends and partners are deeply appreciated, and as you can see, of great communication value to our purpose.

Please accept a warm thank you to all of our ministry partners and friends who have come alongside our organization to further its work in Liberia and West Africa over the years.  You are amazing, and LEADLiberia is so very fortunate for every association.

Thanks for holding the rope!


Three wonderful ways your can support LEADLiberia.

Lift a prayer.

Prayer is one of the most powerful ways to partner with LEADLiberia, as God has chosen to accomplish much of His work through the prayers of his people.

LEADLiberia is committed to serving the church and bringing the gospel to Liberia and surrounding West Africa, but we we can’t be effective without prayer support.  We also know that our pastors, whether at home or in the field can not go it alone.

It would be so encouraging if you would drop us a note to let us know that you are praying for LEADLiberia and the pastors of our country.

Raise a hand.

LEAD ministry training and SEED sustainability training is enhanced through the participation experienced and talented volunteers. 

Whether it is assistance with communication technologies, agricultural methods, artistic gifts, photography, writing, or organizational development, your skills and abilities and your willingness to share these to further equip and develop pastors to serve their communities is the sustainable model that will strengthen us all.

If you have a heart and passion to serve alongside us, contact us and learn more about opportunities.

Offer a gift.

Equipping a pastor is the starting point to a revitalization in their village or town. Experience has shown that with a small investment, we are able to provide ministry education and development that will further a pastor’s growth, knowledge, and confidence in their mission for Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, we often hear back from pastors that further economic support is desperately needed to build sustainability into their ministry.  This recurring theme has propelled us to establish greater investment and training into our SEED efforts to initiate and regenerate income for supporting personal and family financial needs of our pastors.

Want to get involved?

Should our story create within you a desire to partner with our ministry or simply to become our new friend, we would encourage you to let us know.

We offer a variety of ways to get involved and serve in the work that God is doing through our organization. Whether through prayer, volunteering, or donation, we would be so appreciative of your interest and help. If you would like to partner with us or want more information, please fill out the form and we will get back to you.

Our Partners!



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