SEED Farms Update

We were able to reach the farm yesterday. It was a tough trip with the vehicle losing pressure and overheating on two occasions. In spite of our late arrival, we were able to accomplish a couple of tasks. We framed the two room warehouse and sufficiently cleared the building site and made a car path from the main road to the building site. The power saw was really helpful in felling trees from the road and building site. Thank God for this gift to the farm.

Our major challenge is road. A small team worked on the road, but there are still a lot of clearing and log bridges to construct to make the road passable. We are planning to spend at least two days after we complete the warehouse on the road work. We will return on Saturday to complete the warehouse to serve as a tent for the work team. This road is needed in order to truck in materials for the farmhouse construction.

The Cassava we planted on the portion in growing well. We are sending in a power saw guy to crosscut logs on the other portion. The logs will be used to process charcoal we can sell as a cost recovery scheme. We got Palm seedling yesterday for the planting. The person who is going to help us do the planting is an agriculturist who has offered to help us do the planting. He is also offering his services to build our seedling nursery for Pepper and Bitter balls in August. That would mean clearing lowland portions in preparation for vegetable planting.

Thanks for your encouragement and support for SEED!


Important Update on Land Acquistion for SEED

LEADLiberia’s 125 acre Land Title Deed is probated and finally registered by law. The property is now ours! All thanks to the Lord and to the friends who made it possible!

Without haste, we decided to begin preparing our land for building and planting. It was three days of rigorous work from our volunteer Land Clearing Team and a great start on the initial portion of the property. We plan to use that portion for a farm house and to plant some crops. Our main objective is to keep clearing the property for proper landscaping and to make site planning easier.

The villagers are really excited that an organization will be involved in their community. They are asking if we are going to build a school for their kids and church. Kids walk about 2 miles to the nearest school. Folks walk 3 miles to the nearest town to charge their mobile phones and clinic as well. Trekking on foot with their goods is a normal routine for everyone including young kids. We will be open to how the Lord will "lead" and provide in the future.

Thanks for standing alongside and praying for us.

Rich blessings!


Transportation is Key!

Without transportation, a single commute can consume an entire day in our country. Since we shared our transportation need last, our current vehicle broke down which has now made it a real challenge to move freely and to visit our ministry field. Needless to say, LEADLiberia is really in need a four-wheel drive vehicle.

We would covet your prayers and help for such a vehicle to handle the rough roads and terrain of rural Liberia. A vehicle here is not a luxury but a necessity as we work to train and equip the pastors of West Africa.