A Journey Worth the Walk.


As we approach the threshold of another year, it behooves to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all our friends and love ones who made our journey worth the walk.

Even those who didn't believe in us still made our journey worth it. Everyone in someway continued to make is what we are meant to be and to achieve. I have resolved to keep focused as our problems are enormous yet our God is bigger than all, therefore I am determined to keep running the race trusting God's enduring grace to take me thru to the end. My prayer is to maintain a servant heart and attitude to never keep anyone in my heart, but to keep God at the center of it. I want my life to count no matter the challenges. I am grateful to God for my wife (Nancy) of 29 years Without whom this journey would have been so difficult. She has been my cheerleader in good times and bad times. My wonderful kids (Rosa, Brenda, Temmon and Necia) grand kids (Angel, QJ, Nicole, Lurenda, Peniel, and Shenniel) have always been there to give me every reason to keep on keeping on.

To our church family I say thanks for allowing me to lead you by serving you over the years. It has been quite a journey with you on the team. Rich blessings and wishes to you for a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!


Helping Others ... The Hallmark of a Service Heart

We are always thankful for people who are, ever ready to help in times like these! Our truck tires fell between palm logs while crossing but nearby villagers ran to our rescue. Though they couldn't lift the truck but they never left us, until we jacked the tires gradually and pull it out. No matter where you are, you always need the help of others to make it thru the hitches of life. It took us almost 5 hours but we were surrounded by these wonderful people who abandoned their day's work to support us.

During this time I had the privilege of building new relationships as a bridge for evangelism in the nearby village. Keep us continually in your prayers as we serve.

Rich blessings!



Leadership Lesson 1 - The Credit and the Glory are HIS


As a leader you always take the blame for things not done or when you fail to make decisions at the spur of a moment, but folks take the credit for success even without making any reference to you.

You always have to keep your head up and know that the one you are following went thru the same. Do not worry about who gets the credit, because at the end of time the only flag that will fly is the flag of Jesus Christ — King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

At that time we will all, great and small, die to our names and all our trophies surender at His feet. Oh what a day that will be! Sola Gloria"(His glory alone), "Sola Christo" (Christ alone)!