LEADLiberia Update

2019: LEADLiberia In Motion


We continue to speak to churches encouraging leaders about the importance of building emerging leaders for church health. We are mostly focused on building people.

Throughout this year, we will be bringing pastoral leaders to the farm for week-long training on a quarterly basis. The goal is to do more by empowering leaders of leaders who will do more in their areas of ministry. We will bring 10-15 leaders to the facility every quarter amounting to 40-60 leaders annually. When we have adequate facility we will start to bring at least 30 at a time. Remember us in your giving this year so that prepare our existing building to adequately host trainers and participants. We have needs of running water and furnishings for the house (beds, chairs, and other households).

Continue to pray for our farm efforts as we work on raising crops and chickens so we feed our participants from the farm products. We are not of the future because we know He who holds the future and will perfect His plans on our behalf!


Helping Others ... The Hallmark of a Service Heart

We are always thankful for people who are, ever ready to help in times like these! Our truck tires fell between palm logs while crossing but nearby villagers ran to our rescue. Though they couldn't lift the truck but they never left us, until we jacked the tires gradually and pull it out. No matter where you are, you always need the help of others to make it thru the hitches of life. It took us almost 5 hours but we were surrounded by these wonderful people who abandoned their day's work to support us.

During this time I had the privilege of building new relationships as a bridge for evangelism in the nearby village. Keep us continually in your prayers as we serve.

Rich blessings!