My Prayer — Love Liberia, Think Liberia and Build Liberia

If you don't work hard at making your vision work, someone will use you to build their vision. As we work at seeding the future with LEADLiberia there is a need to work our way to the top and to put people to work, so that they too can fulfill their God-given vision for sustainability. Our families, churches, communities, and nation will become a prosperous nation when we wisely invest our time, energy and resources in building a sustainable economy thru agriculture and other viable initiatives.

My prayer for a new Liberia is to work as a team in carrying our nation's pillar deep upon a new foundation whose builder is God and to develop a wholesome functioning society devoid of discriminatory principles. We have a nation like nonother, Beloved, though we have build fences based on our party loyalties but after elections, there will be no need for fences because it will be harvest time where we will all need to: Love Liberia, Think Liberia and Build Liberia.



Liberian Elections — 2017

As election draws near, remember Liberia for a peaceful election, that will be free, fair and transparent. Liberia is all that we have, if it is peaceful, we can continue to lead and serve our people. We at LEADLiberia are confident that there will be a peaceful transition of power.

To all our friends, continue to hold the rope (support) as we envisage the dawn of a new day in our country. A new day that would give us an enabling environment to build lives for eternity, support family in ministry thru our sustainable initiatives, strengthen the Church thru the development of it's leader and help communities thru our agricultural ventures. Give us seeds and not rice, give us chicken and not eggs. Help us put people to work so that they grow what they eat and sell the surplus for their sustenance.


The Vision — SEED to LEAD

A vision can never be realized by merely sitting down and dreaming that it would be, but you have to work at it.

SEED Farms is one of such, being developed as a sustainable integrated farm for training leaders ministry skills and life skills. We are convinced that the greatest gift you can give any group of people is the gift of helping them to help themselves. It is better to give a person seed they can plant and have a great harvest than a bag of rice, better to give them chicken they can raise and become suppliers than wait to be supplied. Join us to seed the future. I believe we can build a great nation by building the capacity of our people and provide opportunities for their contributions.

I believe we can together build a nation through hard work, dedication, and honesty.