Important Update on Land Acquistion for SEED

LEADLiberia’s 125 acre Land Title Deed is probated and finally registered by law. The property is now ours! All thanks to the Lord and to the friends who made it possible!

Without haste, we decided to begin preparing our land for building and planting. It was three days of rigorous work from our volunteer Land Clearing Team and a great start on the initial portion of the property. We plan to use that portion for a farm house and to plant some crops. Our main objective is to keep clearing the property for proper landscaping and to make site planning easier.

The villagers are really excited that an organization will be involved in their community. They are asking if we are going to build a school for their kids and church. Kids walk about 2 miles to the nearest school. Folks walk 3 miles to the nearest town to charge their mobile phones and clinic as well. Trekking on foot with their goods is a normal routine for everyone including young kids. We will be open to how the Lord will "lead" and provide in the future.

Thanks for standing alongside and praying for us.

Rich blessings!