Ebola & SEED Farms Update

Dear Partners in Missions:

It is always a joy to send you updates from the frontier in Liberia. Thanks for remembering to pray and hold the rope while we serve, especially during the Ebola outbreak in our country. We are counted among the living, because of the fervent prayers of each of you. We are extremely grateful to God for your ministry of service to many around the world you have never seen and yet you love and support.


Our family is doing fairly well in Liberia. A lot of challenges, yet we count ourselves privilege to be called to serve at such a time. My wife of 25 years have be have some real difficult time with her health. It is recently she has improved tremendously. She has begun to do minor exercises and keep watching her diet closely. Continue to pray for her health to keep improving as each day comes.

Our kids are all doing well. We have a 23 years old daughter who is second year in college and a 22 year old son who is also freshman in college. Our last daughter, Necia is now 18 and in high school. Continue to pray her as she struggles. I am doing okay for now. My health is good for my age, but I am often overwhelmed with a lot of ministry demands and responsibilities that comes with so much stress. However, I count myself blessed to be called by God to serve at such a time and the humility to rely on His grace to wait patiently, which is not always an easy virtue, for
his time and intervention.

SEED Farms

The farm is doing well. I visited the farm on Saturday to see the the progress of things. We have started to harvest the rice we planted. There is a lot to do with harvesting the rice over the coming weeks. It is a manual process which takes a lot of man hours to achieve. We are trying to build the storage at the same time for the rice. Early this year the Lord provided a new tractor for the SEED Farms project. We have been awaiting the remaining implements (front bucket and wagon) for our farm tractor. Hopefully with the arrival of the farm implements we will have huge advantage in cultivating large areas with less amount of man power needed.

Continue to pray for other implements like plow and graders, stump ripper and other relevant attachments. With those we can work on our roads and land at the same time.


We did not do very much in terms of training due to the Ebola crisis however, a lot of time was spent visiting villages, town and some of our pastors to create awareness and distribute sanitary materials. We conducted a pastoral training in February. Just this past month we did a follow-up visit into the interior to reestablish contact with pastors in Karnplay, Garplay, Gbehyi and Beo Yoola. Our training in the past years yielded much results, therefore we agreed to reengage and upgrade our training (lower and advance levels).

I am so grateful for your support to our family and ministry. I have not seen too many people who believe in empowering others, but you have chosen that path. I am loving it because I know one day we can help thousands of families sustainable and strong to help rebuild a whole nation from ruins to riches. That is my hope and dream to build a model farm that would serve as a launching pad for such an initiative.

What to Pray for:

Nancy's health, Support for our kids in college, God's provision to repair family car, Ministry expansion(material resources and funding for training), Farm development (completion of farm house, committed workers, additional implements for tractor, safe drinking water well for farm,etc.

Rich blessings!