LEADLiberia Ministry Update — August, 2015

Ministry is going well. With Ebola situation much improved, we are beginning to plan meetings. This August we will have two major meetings with Pastors in two counties. Pray for the Lord's provision to do the first conference with pastors and church leaders from 18 churches.

Many of the participants will come from towns and villages that require walking 2- 4 hours to be at the conference. August 28-30 I will travel 250 miles for a meeting with leaders from 3 regions (Garplay, Karnplay and Beo). We had earlier work with over 50 churches in this area, training leaders for over 8 years. Most of those we trained are now pastors of local congregations. Prior to our mobile training, some of them were mere church members. Four of those pastors went on to Bible College and are now back home to serve. Pray for wisdom as we meet to strategically plan for future training that will help us to do more by doing less.

Our sustainable farm effort is definitely yielding results. We planted rice on nearly 15 acres. After the harvest of the rice we will begin to plant plantain and banana on the site. We have few animals of the site but they have not been doing very well. We do need expert help at this point. The farm is a very great prospect.

Please continue to pray for:

  • Tractor implements to arrive (wagon, bucket, plow).
  • A road worthy vehicle (4 wheel drive).
  • A Ministry Training Director.
  • Back to back meetings this month and vehicle for the long trip

Rich Blessings,