SEED Farms Tractor Update

Today was a very significant step in the process of getting the tractor from dealers in preparation for a move to its home in Todee. This is a result of single most donation to our sustainable effort since the purchase of the property in 2012. We should have the remaining attachments in country by the end of the month.

Thanks for praying and standing with us as we strive to serve The Lord sometimes under difficult circumstances yet with exceeding joy. It is always a privilege to serve on the front line. We are excited about this development in the process of our farm mechanisation. Interesting journey that would gradually move us from traditional farming.

Pray for us as we prepare to cultivate 20 acres of land with rice, plantain and corn. This is a big effort requiring a lot of resources to meet up with timeline. We will need about 60 persons to work 6 hours each day about 6 days. Pray along for Lord's provision.

Rich blessings!