Update from Kokeh Kotee of LEADLiberia

Thanks for being so quick to understand and to begin responding to our hearts. We remain hopeful in part because we trust that you are seeking ways to answer our call and to help us meet life sustaining needs in our country.

I don't know to how to make this any clearer, but this is a desperate situation. People are virtually frozen by fear. Many refuse to leave their homes and to fend for their daily meal. They are paralyzed that they may contract the virus. It is going to get worse if this outbreak is not contained in the next six months.

The fragile economy of our country is already affected by this state of emergency. A lot of companies and foreign businesses have sent their foreign staff home until the current state of affairs improves. There are hardly any flights coming in, but a lot going out. It is us Liberians, who have nowhere to run, but to God. And, as so many of you know, He has called us to be here for this very event. We are called to stick it out until He calms the storm. And we know He will in His time.

We hope and pray that you see this crisis as an opportunity to serve God today and that He may not find your hearts resistant to help us. Please know this asking of you does not come easy for us either. We’d rather not be asking. Yet, we trust that God through these times is working something far greater in all of us than we may even imagine.

Join us in shining light and ministry into this desperate situation. Pray for us that we may stand strong.

Rich blessings!