LEADLiberia Ministry Update — Still active in the midst of Ebola

We are doing well here by the grace of God. Thanks for praying for us always. We are in a pretty dangerous situation, but it just by the grace of God that we are still alive. Ministry is pretty much slowed down as everyone observes the Ebola situation. The only major activity going on now is reaching out in communities to do awareness and help people who cannot afford with sanitary materials for prevention. Tomorrow (Oct 27) I will be making a day's tour to visit about 12 key pastors and their families to distribute rice and small funds to help them take care themselves. This assistance was sent by RREACH International thru Rev. Mundolo.

The SEED farm is going well as you know this sustainable farm has really taken a lot out of me this year. We have had challenges there with faithful and committed workers. I am sure as establish our presence things will fall in place. The farm house is gradually being finished to become livable. Our team is working a slow pace as we observe the situation. Pray that things improve so that we get over with that. We have been able to plant about 10,000 trees of hot peppers. We also have planted 200 heads of plantain and banana. The pastors for the chicken project will be among those I will be visiting to assess their work so far. We will be able to take action steps after the visit.

Will work along on planning for the coming year I believe will be better than this year. Please know that it is going to get better with your help.

Rich blessings,