Training and sustaining the pastors of Liberia and the world.

pastors and church leaders have been reached

through LEADLiberia ministry programs since 2001.


Delivering training in West Africa is not easy — each journey requires improvising, perseverence and a spirit-lead stewardship of your gifts.

In addition to your gifts, we too must invest our own people, resources and outreach efforts, so all pastors, church leaders and workers can build and maintain healthy churches in our country. Our "building block" approach to leadership training has proven highly successful with positive impact on our ministry delivery efforts. In addition, we have been encouraging and developing a church network system for support and ministry synergy. As a result, LEADLiberia now has 5 key church networks in 5 of the 15 counties (i.e. political sub-divisions) in Liberia.



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Your donations help empower Liberian pastors to lead their churches by equipping them with ministry training and basic life skills so they can meet the needs of their families and remain focused and effective in their ministry calling.