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Training and sustaining the pastors of Liberia and the world.

As a beneficiary of formal training, it is my passion to purposely engage and empower the many gifted, but untrained pastors from Liberia and surrounding West African regions. My main goal is to help pastors develop, sustain, and grow healthy church communities that will stand the test of time. My hope is that our website will provide meaningful insight into our story, reveal the full breadth and purpose of our ministries, and offer opportunities to partner in the mission of LEADLiberia.

The impact of a pastoral training system is powerful and, as the statistic reveals, a mission-critical need of the church in Africa.

of the pastors and church leaders in rural West
Africa have no formal theological or pastoral training.


Kokeh S. Kotee II (Rev)

Executive Director

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Your donations help empower Liberian pastors to lead their churches by equipping them with ministry training and basic life skills so they can meet the needs of their families and remain focused and effective in their ministry calling.